Cashflow Challenges?

Most businesses struggle with serious cash flow problems.

According to Inuit QuickBooks, 60% of small businesses struggle with cash flow and 32% are unable to either pay vendors, pay back pending loans, or pay themselves or their employees, all due to cash flow issues. Nearly 70% of business owners report being kept up at night by concerns about their cash flow.


The result? Business owners continue to go in endless circles putting out urgent fires while being stuck in the cash flow trap. There’s never enough funds to go around to attract and keep the right people; not enough money for sales and marketing; and not enough for product development. But how do you escape the dreaded cash flow trap?

The good news is that healthy cash flow can be created. Healthy cash flow is the fuel to drive business growth as the company makes steady progress from survival to stability, becomes a stronger competitor, creates more impact, and leaves a lasting legacy.

The very first step in improving your cash flow is to determine exactly what's working and what's not working in your business to find your One Vital Need. 

For this, I've found the most powerful and fastest tool is the Fix This Next Evaluation developed by Mike Michalowicz. I am privileged to be one of Mike’s Certified ‘Fix This Next’ Advisors and am passionate about helping as many business owners as possible work through this outstanding framework.

About Me

Helping You Improve Your Business's Cash Flow

I'm Jeff Pallister and I'm an expert at finding hidden cash that business owners almost always miss.


I've gained a reputation for knowing how to unearth hidden cash reserves in a business, how to tap into the power of employees’ knowledge, and streamline people, processes, and products.


I've worked with more than 600 businesses in dozens of industries over the past 40 years to increase cash flow, reduce expenses, and unleash hidden profits. I liken my approach to prospecting and mining for hidden gold. It’s always there but business owners usually have no idea where to look for it.


I help them develop a map and show them where to dig until they find veins of gold that pay off for years to come. 

I’ve been a professional Operations Management Consultant since 1990. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. 


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Cashflow Services

A Proven 5-Step System


Cash Flow Growth is a 5-Step System to identify and resolve business needs in a sequence, facilitating the fastest and healthiest growth of your business.


Step 1 is to find the One Vital Need.

Cash Flow Growth starts by identifying the company's One Vital Need. We use the Fix This Next methodology developed by Mike Michalowicz who wrote the books, Fix This Next and Profit Now. This involves making the hierarchy of needs and then identifying the one that will have the greatest impact on your business's cash flow.



Once you have done the online evaluation, you are eligible for a complimentary assessment with Jeff Pallister to show you how to make the insights gained from the evaluation into actions that result in improved cash flow. Then, when you are ready, our next step is to work together to plan the Resolution. 

Step 2 is to Plan the Resolution using the OMEN method

That acronym stands for Objective, Measurement, Evaluate, and Nurture.


O is Objective. You set the result you want to achieve.


M is Measurement. Determine how you want to measure progress towards your objective.

E is Evaluate. Here you assess the progress towards the objective.

N is Nurture. You then make the adjustments you make to stay on track.


With OMEN you have planned the resolution. You are now ready to Fix The Problem. So what's the next step? 

Step 3. Fix the Problem with the Right Solution

The implementation of the solution can be challenging, and I work with clients hands-on with the implementation through developing and coaching you through the OMEN process. If there's a special skill set needed, we can find the right person to work with you in implementation.


Step 4. Track your Progress

During step 4 we monitor and measure results. We make adjustments and course corrections until we are getting consistent results. 


Step 5. Report and Repeat

You want to celebrate your wins and communicate them to your executive team and employees to create buy-in. You can then apply the changes company-wide and start seeing immediate improvements in your company's cash flow.

For those who want to take immediate action to identify

your company's  One Vital Need, there's a free online evaluation which you can find here and fill out in a few minutes:  

Fix This Next Free Online Evaluation:


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